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1.5m Flame Effect User Guide

Located on the side panel of the unit is IEC power input socket. 
Connect the IEC cable to the unit and connect to a 240V power supply. 
Select the power input switch to the “ON” position.  
To turn the unit off switch from the “ON” position to the “OFF” position. 
Strobe mode:
To access the strobe mode, set dipswitch 1 to the “ON” position and all the others to the “OFF”  position. 
Now use the sensitivity control to adjust the speed.
Fade mode:
To access the fade mode, set dipswitch 2 to the “ON” position and all the others to the “OFF”  position. 
Now use the sensitivity control to adjust the speed.
Colour change mode:
To access the 7 colour change mode, set dipswitch 3 to the “ON” position and all the others to the “OFF” position. 
To access the 5 colour change mode, set dipswitch 4 to the “ON” position and all the others to the “OFF” position. 
To access the red & green colour change mode, set dipswitch 5 to the “ON” position and all the others to the “OFF” position. 
Now use the sensitivity control to adjust the speed.
Static colour mode:
To set a static colour use the following dipswitches: 
Set dipswitch 6 to the “ON” position for Red, set dipswitch 7 to the “ON” position for Green and set  dipswitch 8 to the “ON” position for Blue. 
Now use the sensitivity control to adjust the brightness.  
Please note: Dipswitches 6, 7 & 8 can be combined to mix colours.
Sound mode:
To access the sound mode, set dipswitch 9 to the “ON” position and all the others to the “OFF” position. 
Now use the sensitivity control to adjust the sound sensitivity.
DMX mode: Operating in a DMX control mode environment gives the user the greatest flexibility when it comes  to customising or creating a show. 
In this mode you will be able to control each individual trait of the fixture and each fixture independently. 
To access the DMX address mode, set dipswitch 10 to the “ON” position and use dipswitches 1-9 to address each fixture accordingly. 
Master/slave mode:
Use any of the above modes to set the master unit. 
To set the unit(s) in slave mode set dipswitch 10  to the “ON” position and all the others to the “OFF” position. 
Please note: When all dipswitches are set to the “OFF” position the unit will run an RGB colour chase.
Use the sensitivity control to adjust the sound sensitivity.


• Never let the power-cable come into contact with other cables. Handle the power-cable
and all mains voltage connections with particular caution!
• Never remove warning or informative labels from the equipment.
• Do not open the equipment and do not modify the equipment.
• Do not connect this equipment to a dimmer-pack.
• Only use the equipment indoors.
• Do not expose to flammable sources, liquids or gases. .
• Before cleaning, wait until the unit has cooled.
• Use a vacuum or dry compressed air and a soft brush to remove the dust collected on the external vents and accessible internal components.
• Clean the external surfaces with a mild solution of non-ammonia glass cleaner or
isopropyl alcohol and wipe with a soft, lint free cotton cloth or lense cleaning tissue.
• Always disconnect the power from the mains when equipment is not in use or before
cleaning! Only handle the power-cable by the plug. Never pull out the plug by pulling the
• Make sure that the available voltage is between 100V-240V.
• Make sure that the power-cable is never crimped or damaged. Check the equipment and the power-cable periodically.
• If the equipment is dropped or damaged, disconnect the mains power supply immediately.
Have a qualified engineer inspect the equipment before operating again.
• If the equipment has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation (e.g. after
transportation), do not switch it on immediately. The arising condensation might damage
the equipment. Leave the equipment switched off until it has reached room temperature.
• If your product fails to function correctly, discontinue use immediately.
• Only use fuses of same type and rating.
• Repairs, servicing and power connection must only be carried out by a qualified technician. THIS UNIT CONTAINS NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS.
If this equipment is operated in any other way, than those described in this manual,
the product may suffer damage.
Incorrect operation may lead to danger e.g.: short-circuit, burns, electric shocks,
LED failure etc.
Do not endanger your own safety and the safety of others!
Incorrect installation or use can cause serious damage to people and property.
You are responsible for the equipment while out on hire.
Any damage will come out of your deposit.